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HangzhouSDIC Microelectronics Inc.was founded in 2005. We specializein industrial control applications, sensor measurement, and instrumentationapplications.   high-performance, high-quality mixed-signalintegrated circuit design, we provide users with one-stop system solutions.

Ourcore technical team came from the United States with years of experience inhigh-end IC design, outstanding R & D capabilities, and superb globalvision. We owned a large variety of core IC technology and patents in relatedfields. We are the first mass producer of industrial control HART communication controller IC and 4~20mAcurrent DAC.

Over the years, our products are widely used in smart wearabledevices, consumer electronic products, industrial control, measurementinstruments, sensor signal processing, and we are one of the forerunners in IOT(Internet of Things). Wemaintain the leading position in the domestic market by the high precision andlow power 24 bits ADC + 8 bits MCU SoC. SDIC achieved sale figures of over 100 million chip per year.

In the future, we willcontinue to focus on 32 bits MCU technology with high-precision ADC and analogsignal processing to develop in areas such as smart healthcare, smart cities,smart manufacturing, and industrial Internet of Things. We will work with ourcustomers to provide excellent products and services to the world community.

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