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Body Scale

Introduction of the scheme

Electronic body scale has become increasingly popular as people are paying more and more attention to their own health. Compare to the previous mechanical version, electronic body scale has the advantage of higher portability, digital display, and measuring accuracy. SD8000S is designed specifically to reduce the production cost of such application. Two body scale designs are described here using SD8000S: one for LCD display, and the other for LED display.

Capacity of both designs can be either 150kg or 180kg at 0.1kg increment. They use 3V button or regular battery as power source. The periphery circuit comprises only seven capacitors (three 1uF and four 0.1uF). Calibration data is stored in the built-in OTP, thus there is no need for the external EEPROM. OTP programming voltage is 2.4V-3.6V. All I/O ports have 10mA source/sink capability. They can direct drive the LED display without using additional drive IC.

Application Characteristic

Application block diagram

Typical body scale with SD8000S and LCD applic


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