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Leaders of Zhejiang Economic and Information Commission visited SDIC


OnMarch 17, Wei Zhe-Hua, Director of the Digital Economy Division of ZhejiangEconomic and Information Department, and Xu Shao-Hang, Deputy Director of theSoftware and Integrated Circuit Industry Division, Lin Shu, Director of theElectronic Information Industry Division of Hangzhou Economic and InformationDepartment, and Jiang Li, Deputy Director of the Economic and InformationDepartment of Binjiang District visited SDIC to carry out research andinspection work on epidemic prevention. Dr. Law Wai-Siu, the general manager ofSDIC, and Zhou Yun-Li, director of marketing, Wang Yu, marketing manager and LuMan, the assistant general manager welcomed them and participated in the surveytogether.


Dr.Law Wai-Siu introduced to the leaders of the Economic and InformationCommission that SDIC as a major supplier of infrared temperature measurement ICin China, the production situation during the new coronavirus epidemic.Infrared thermometer is an important material to ensure the efficient ofepidemic prevention work, and infrared temperature measurement IC is the corecomponent. From the start of epidemic, SDIC work overtime and work hard toensure the shipment of infrared temperature measurement IC to stabilize themarket supply. At present, the cumulative shipments have occupied half of thedomestic market, which has played a positive role to stabilize the marketsupply of infrared temperature measurement IC.


DirectorWei Zhen-Hua fully affirmed the outstanding contribution of SDIC in theepidemic prevention work. At the same time he understood the impact of theepidemic situation on the company's resumption of production. Deputy directorXu Shao-Hang introduced the related policies of IC companies, helped SDIC tounderstand the policies and comprehensive manner, and provided support andcoordination in the aspects of industry chain, talents, and funds. At last, theleadership of the Economic and Information Commission gave opinions andsuggestions to SDIC for the company's healthy development in the future. It ishoped that SDIC will continue to regard technological innovation as the corecompetitiveness of enterprise development, seize opportunities, strengthenproduction layout, accelerate its own development and make greater contributionsto the epidemic prevention in the country.

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