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Xinhua News Agency names SDIC: Stable shipments to help the epidemic prevention situation


Recently,SDIC was interviewed by Xinhua News Agency. Dr. Law Wai-Siu, the generalmanager of SDIC, said:“As one of the major domestic suppliers of infraredtemperature measurement IC, our responsibility under the epidemic situation iskeeping stable shipments and maintain the healthy development of the market forinfrared thermometer, continue to contribute to the epidemic prevention.”


SDICis one of the major suppliers in the industry, sales director Liang Gui-Wusaid: “the shipments of infrared temperature measurement IC of February haveexceeded the volumn of the last six months. The quantity of current orders alsoexcess the productions of the last whole year. The main control IC productioncapacity is limited by the upstream fab supply. I understand that many fabshave no inventory before the Chinese New Year, so the downstream manufacturersare unable to produce.”Dr. Law Wai-Siu also insisted: “Even the supply from theupstream is not enough, but we still need to keep the shipments stable tomaintain the health of the market development. We should contribute to theepidemic prevention.”


SDICcurrently has dozens of downstream customers. The company has set up anepidemic response team to implement weekly shipments based on the productioncapacity of each customer, to ensure normal production and avoid idleresources. It is recommended that relevant departments of our nation toincrease the monitoring and supervision of important raw materials and partsand components of the supply chain, to ensure that the real manufacturers cankeep the production continue. The market will be stable if the production isstable. Then the abnormally high prices and shortages can be effectivelycurbed.

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