The SDIC high precision SoC IC is widely used for body scales, kitchen scales, and smart fat scales. All scales are compatible with Bluetooth or WiFi.
The SDIC high precision ADC+MCU SoC IC includes an infrared temperature measurement signal processing IC and special SoC IC for human health parameter measurement. It is commonly used in infrared thermometers, sphygmomanometers, and oximeters.
The SDIC industrial control IC is mainly used in pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, flow meters, industrial control instrument manuals, and multimeters.
SDIC PIR signal processing IC is used in various IoT application scenarios, such as smart buildings, smart homes, automatic energy-saving lighting in public places, indoor monitoring, alarm, and doorbell systems, smart agriculture, and smart manufacturing.
  • Smart Health Scale
    High precision IC with low power consumption. The Bluetooth IC can measure 20 items such as weight and body fat percentage. It provides an App for recording body data....
    High precision IC with low power consumption peripheral circuit can be used to measure the weight of the food. It provides APP to view the nutrition data. ...
  • Medical Electronic
    High precision IC with low power consumption peripheral circuit can measure temperature without contact via thermopile infrared sensor....
    High precision IC with temperature sensor integrated can accurately measure temperature. It can be used in industrial environment or home....
  • Industrial control and meter
    This product series include HART Modem IC, current loop IC, and industrial-level sensor IC for industrial measurement and communication purposes....
    Digital display meters include voltmeters, ammeters, frequency meters, 4~20mA passive meters, temperature controllers, and teaching instruments for measuring the electrical signals....
    Multimeter can measure AC and DC voltage, AC and DC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, diode, transistor, connectivity, and temperature....
  • Smart Sense
    High precision IC with PWM output passively receive and detect infrared radiation. It is widely used for electronic anti-theft, human body detector and smart lighting....
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