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Gain = 128

Gain = 128






IC Introduction

The SD8518 is a CMOS SoC with built-in 24 bit ADC and 16k Bytes OTP memory.
The IC was designed with ultra-low power technology. Operates at 3V supply and quarter internal RC oscillator frequency, the total typical operating current is 1.5mA.
It has very rich peripheral resources: RTC, UART, selectable regulated voltage source, flexible PGIA setup, voltage booster, TIMER with CAPTURE capability, PWM, PFD, and LCD driver.
The OTP can be programmed in situ and the 2.4~3.6V programming voltage is generated internally. The OTP can be used in place of external EEPROM.
Three working modes are provided so users can select the optimum choice between speed and power. They are normal mode, standby mode, and sleep mode.

IC Features
  • High precision ADC, ENOB=18.7bits@8sps, 4 differential or 8 single-ended inputs

  • Low noise, high input impedance preamplifier with selectable gain: 1, 4, 8, 16,32, 64, 128, or 256

  • 8 bits RISC ultra-low power MCU, 49 instructions and 6 stack levels. The MCU current consumption is 400μA typically at 3V and 2MHz operating clock rate. Standby current is 1.5μA at 32kHz clock, and less than 1μA at sleep

  • 16K Bytes OTP, 512 Bytes SRAM

  • Low OTP programming voltage, can replace external EEPROM

  • Flexible battery voltage detection range 2.0~3.3V

  • RTC module provides calendar/time information, automatic leap year calculation

  • Abundant peripheral resources: UART, PWM, PDM, PFD, CAPTURE, TIMER, infrared carrier generator, sine wave generator

  • 40SEG X 4COM, 39SEG X 5COM, 38SEGX 6COM, 36SEG X 8COM LCD drive,ultra-low power consumption and high driving capability, programmable boost module to maintain luminance at low supply voltage

  • 8bits DAC

  • Every digital I/O port contain Schmitt trigger input and selectable pull up resistor

  • Low voltage detection and power on reset circuit

  • Operating voltage range: 2.4~3.6V

  • Operating temperature range: -40 ~85 ˚C

  • Built-in 8MHz and 32kHz RC oscillators

IC Block Diagram
Application area

Cash Register Scale

Four Electrodes AC Health Scale

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