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IC Introduction

SD4101R is an integrated PIR (Passive Infra-Red) controller IC with very low power consumption. Its internal analog and digital mixed signal design architecture results in very stable operation under various environment conditions.
SD4101R employs PIR human pyroelectric infrared detection technology. It has built-in high-precision algorithm that is adaptable to current environment, filters out ambient interference, and effectively extracts human signals. The sensing range is more than ten meters. Application circuits are simple, and do not need tuning during development or production, thus saving product space and manufacturing cost.

IC Features
  • Industry standard, good stability, strong anti-interference, wide working temperature range

  • Built-in amplifier works with different PIR sensors to perform signal processing

  • Built-in amplifier peripheral circuit to reduce external adjustment, save development time and production cost

  • Built-in high-precision algorithm unit, adaptive to ambient environment, effectively distinguish human signals from interference

  • Long sensing range. Probability of malfunction is much lower than traditional control circuits

  • Adjustable sensitivity for convenient usage

  • Adjustable output pulse width with high accuracy and wide range

  • Built-in 1.5s masking time, effectively inhibits repetitive malfunction

  • Connect external photo-transistor or photo-resistor to inhibit day light working

  • Re-triggerable during active output signal

  • 15s power up stability time

  • Simple application circuit results in small product space, high consistency, and low repair rate in volume production.

  • Fast test mode during production to enhance manufacturing throughput

IC Block Diagram
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