Communication Port

2 UART,1 I²C,1 SPI

2 UART,1 I²C,1 SPI
IC Introduction

   The SD93F115 is a 32 bits MCU CMOS SoC with built-in high precision 24 bits ADC, LCD driver, and 120k bytes flash program memory.

   The 32bits system can be read by byte, half word (16 bits), and full word (32 bits). When the power is on the system clock is 12MHz by default. Different frequencies can be selected through register configuration. The maximum frequency is 24MHz.

   Four working modes are provided so users can select the optimum choice between speed and power. The modes are: normal, standby (WAIT), sleep (DOZE), and deeply sleep (STOP).

IC Features
  • High precision ADC, 18.6bits ENOB at 8sps (Gain = 256). It can be set to 4 differential or 8 single-ended inputs

  • Low noise, high input impedance preamplifier with offset calibration and selectable gain options: 1, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 or 256

  • 12 bits SAR ADC with self-calibration function. Sampling rate and operation mode are selectable

  • 32 bits MCU, 120k Bytes Flash, 8k Bytes Boot and 8k Bytes SRAM

  • Internal 24MHz and 32kHz RC oscillator with ±1% typical error after calibration

  • RTC module with external 32.768kHz crystal provides calendar/time information, including leap year. Timing accuracy is adjustable.

  • 33SEG x 4COM, 32SEG x 5COM, 31SEG x 6COM, 29SEG x 8COM LCD drives with ultra-low power consumption and high driving capability. The IC has a programmable boost module to maintain luminance at low supply voltage. Drive voltage range: 2.7~5.2V

  • Built-in sensor excitation output. Voltage is 2.4~4.5V at 0.3V step

  • Built-in burnout detect current source

  • 1.2V benchmark output

  • Built-in sine wave generator with selectable output frequency at 5kHz, 50kHz, 100kHz, and 200kHz. It supports an 8-electrode BIA fat measurement

  • Two operational amplifiers: OPA and OPB

  • Flexible low voltage detection and touch button detection circuits including an 8bits DAC and a rail-to-rail input comparator. The voltage detection range is 2.0~5.3V

  • Built-in silicon temperature sensor with single-point correction, automatic forward and reverse measurement

  • Peripheral resources include: UART, I2C, SPI, PWM/PDM, CCP, TIMER, Buzzer, 2 external interrupts, and 7 key interrupts

  • All I/O have Schmidt trigger inputs and pull-up resistors. The resistance of the pull-up resistor is 50kΩ

  • Operating voltage range: 2.4~5.5V

  • Operating temperature range: -40~85℃

IC Block Diagram
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